April 10, 2020

Launching my first Saas Product

In short, PyHost is a server provisioning tool for Django apps. Basically, it gets your Django apps deployed in minutes with no need to even touch the command line. It can create a new server for you...


February 7, 2020

So what actually is Nginx? (Linux Sys-Admin for web devs)

Getting to the point of having a site looking beautiful and polished with only one problem... no one can actually see it yet. This is where the whole painful deployment process kicks off. A search...


October 23, 2019

Sys-Admin for Web Devs (Intro to DNS)

I’ve bought a domain and built a site… now what? At some point in the process of building and deploying a site, you’ll need to dig into the dark confusing world that is DNS. DNS stands for...


April 23, 2019

Sys-Admin for Web Devs (File Permissions)

It's something that we all come across at one point or another so I thought why not try to de-mystify the basics a little bit. When it comes down to it, all files and directories on a server have...