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Launching my first Saas Product

Angus Allman • April 10, 2020

launch saas Django deployment

What is it?

In short, PyHost is a server provisioning tool for Django apps. Basically, it gets your Django apps deployed in minutes with no need to even touch the command line. It can create a new server for you or connect to an existing one, install everything you need to host Django apps, and manage your sites, SSH keys, environment variables and databases. Whether you have a new domain or just want to use a subdomain is up to you but PyHost accommodates both.

Why did I build it?

I've played with a load of web frameworks over the years and always had a bit of a soft spot for Django. I spent MONTHS building an app with a Django API but when it came to deploying it I just couldn't. It took me weeks of learning about Linux servers and Apache and SSH and a number of other technologies which, for someone new to Sys-Admin, were incredibly intimidating to even get anywhere close to having a setup I was happy with and that wasn't breaking constantly.

Over the next year I naturally absorbed information about servers and deployment through my job at an agency called Purr Group. I then decided that I'd had enough of messing around with servers and it taking hours to deploy a site so I built PyHost (which meant messing around with servers and spending countless hours deploying sites for over a year, but it felt worth it!).

Who is it for?

I've built PyHost for absolutely anyone who uses Django (and maybe Flask too in the future - but that's a whole different blog post). It makes deploying your very first Django application a breeze but also saves more experienced developers time by taking care of the boring stuff so they can spend more time on what they want to be doing - building.

How can I use it?

To use it, head to and click on 'Sign up now!'. The docs are located at and should contain most information you need to get going! I'm also happy to answer any questions either here in the comments, or via email at

Leave any comments below, I can't wait to hear what people think!